X-Treme Electric Scooters
The X-treme X-250 Electric Scooter is a great scooter for growing kids. The X-250 is simple, and the right size for your 10-14 year kid. The X-250 is simple, and the right size for your 10-14 year kid. The X-treme X-140 is for small kids, and then the next scooter up above the X-250 is the X-360, which is a bit too large for younger riders. The thing that really makes the X-treme X-250 stand out amongst the others, is the standard seat option that is included with the X-250 when you purchase one. The tires are pneumatic rubber tires, and the rims are aluminum mag wheels. The 8" tire size is also a great standard feature on the X-250, as it helps with the stability of the scooter over mixed terrain, and softens the ride for the rider too.

The X-Treme XB-310Li Folding Electric Bicycle is a portable, and convenient way to get around town. The XB-310Li arrived,  and was ready to go as soon as I finished chargeing the batteries . I really love the foldability of this Electric Bike, and can not wait to take it on a train or a bus, because peoples reactions would be fun to watch. The cool thing about the X-treme XB-310Li, is that it did not require the purchase a seperate wheel kit or bicycle, as the whole bike is shipped, ready to ride. The XB-310Li is a great deal too, because it includes Lithium Ion batteries, which are lightweight, hold a charge better/longer than S.L.A. batteries, and last for 7 times more charge cycles, as opposed to Sealed Lead Acid batteries. I used this folding electric bicycle for a few long commutes, but I used the pedals to get up hills, and to get the bike moving off the line. I increased the range greatly by....

The X-Treme XB-420M is the fastest mobility type scooter that is available on the market. Most "mobility scooters" are slow, four wheeled, human transportation devices, but the XB-420M is a sleek and stylish three wheeled electric scooter with a comfy office style chai, equipped with arm rests and plush padding. This extraordinary three wheeled scooter is capable of speeds up to 15 mph, and can carry the rider for up to 20 miles distance on a single charge!

The X-treme XB-502 Electric Bike is back from it's recent facelift, and the new body style is really modern and unique. The XB-502 replaced it's predecessor the XB-500 Electric Bike, only this time they added a pedal system that classifies the XB-502 as an Electric Bicycle, so the XB-502 Electric Bike can be ridden anywhere that a regular bicycle can ride, legally, of course. The XB-502 is the best electric bike within the smaller E-bike category. The XB-502 only weighs in at 176 lbs, which is reasonabally light compared to most other Electric Bikes in this power/feature range.

There are electric scooters, electric bikes, and then there is the X-treme XB-700Li Electric Bicycle. The X-Treme XB-700Li is a Lithium Ion powered electric bike that is like a comfy couch that is legal to cruise on the roads as you woulld on a bicycle. No license, registration, or insurance is required (where I live, Los Angeles), and the XB-700Li has pedals and doesn't exceed 20mph, so you can ride the XB-700Li wherever you can ride a regular Bicycle. The XB-700Li was delivered to me via Freight trucking. Once the XB-700Li arrived, I checked over it and tightened every nut and bolt that I could get to, and checked to see that all the neccessary parts were included. I liked the fact that this ebike showed up with "optional" pedals, a tool kit, smart battey charger, and multiple storage compartments throughout the bike. These items are all standard equipment on the X-Treme XB-700Li, which is not usually the case with chinese scooters and bikes.


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