I-Zip Skate Wheel: The I-Zip Skate Wheel Electric Scooter is a great scooter for a kid at an affordable price. It comes with a 100 watt Earth Magnet electric motor and two 12V batteries that will take you up to 5 miles on a single charge. The 140mm polyurethane skate wheels and rear wheel hand operated brake gives you a smooth ride at speeds up to 10 mph. This I-Zip scooter is built by Currie Tech and constructed with quality in mind. . . . Click here for info about the I-Zip Skate Wheel Electric Scooter

I-Zip I-1000: The 2006 I-Zip I-1000 Electric Scooter is a joy to ride. This super-quiet electric transportation travels at up to 15 mph for up to 12 miles on a single charge. It comes stock with front and rear suspension, a rugged frame, and 36 volts of power. The IZip i1000 gets 1000 watts of electric power from a DC Earth Magnet motor, features wide 12" alloy wheels with 3" tires and a "Smart" battery gauge indicator to let you know how much "juice" you have left. . . . Click here for info about the I-Zip i1000 Electric Scooter

I-Zip i750: The IZip i750 Scooter is equipped with a Battery Guage, a Rear Disc brake, a 36 Volt Battery & a Quick Release Deck for optional battery pack swapping. The suspension is really awesome with 50mm of travel on the front fork and a rear mono spring with an amazing 90mm travel. The new 12" x 3" tires sit on Mag Wheels and allows the i750 to glide over every surface imaginable. . . . Click here for info about the I-Zip i750 Electric Scooter


This is an example of a module published to the right position. There are also left, insets, rows, etc. positions and many others, be sure to read the full description. This is the default style that will appear for most module positions in the white body area.

Dynamic Colors

To use a dynamic color for a module title simply enter any hex color code along with any module class suffix you would like use into the module class field of any module:

-dark 058B0F
-transparent_dark D69E16
-no_padding A81111

You must enter the suffix exactly as shown with a space after the suffix. If you are not using a class suffix simply enter the hex color only. This can be applied to any module class above.

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This is the -dark module style and can be applied to most most module positions.

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