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I Want To Change My Scooter Tire

Scooters are available in too many different combinations, so this blog about Scooter Tire Replacement, and helping scooter owners maintain and understand their scooters tire application. Scooters have solid rubber tires, urethane wheels, and some have pneumatic tires with tubes inside. You will have to take initaitive and get your hands dirty because replacint scooter tires can be easy, or extremely hard and tedious.

Change Your Tire Before It POPS!!!

You have to make sure that if your scooter requires a new tire you change it before you ride it. You won't find tires magically popping when you are not riding your scooter, however, most people find out while riding their scooter. Don't let this be you or your children, please. Inspect and change your tire if you find damage, and DO NOT RIDE your scooter until you repair it. You will have to become familiar with your scooter and  your scooters tire application in order to successfully change your scooter wheel or tire.  Apply your scooter model to this "broad theory" of changing wheels, and tires. Go to this: Terminology and names of particular scooter parts, if you would like to learn the basic terms for your scooters parts. Go half way down the page and you will see a breakdown. You can reference this page for help also.

Scooter Tire Sizing, Style, Compound, Type, and Particular Applications

  • Solid Rubber Tire With Plastic Hub ( One piece solid rubber tire, and one piece hub assembly,)
  • Urethane Complete Wheel (Razor Scooter applications, and copies of Razor Scooters use the urethane wheel/hub combo One piece)
  • Pneumatic Tubes, Tires, and Rims (Tire, Tube, and Two piece wheel are built to complete the wheel assembly)

Assessing Scooter Tires for Damage, Wear, Punctures , or Balding

You must inspect your tires before EVERY RIDE. Inspect the contact patch first, which is the surface that the scooter rides on when upright. Tires and tubes will be the simplest because the tire has the size on the sidewall. Solid rubber tires are usually 6", and the Razor Scooter wheels, or the Urethane wheel, is generally 100mm, and comes with all neccessary hardware.The common signs of wear are, punctures, slits, dry cracking, bald spots or patches, and flat or low tire pressure. There are many possibilities and sometimes they are not even visible with the eye, so be alert and aware when riding. Sometimes repairing a tire will do, and other times a full replacement will be required. This is your call. If the damage is too extensive then you will probably need to replace the damaged part.

Changing a Pneumatic Tire with Tubes, and Multi-Piece-Rims

The most involved scooter tire to change is the Pneumatic style, as the whole wheel  comes off and is taken apart. The wheel unbolts and splits into two pieces.  Some  Disk brake equipped scooters will need to be taken apart since the Disk Brake Rotor is part of the wheel assembly. The actual work is very simple, but the process is very involved and lengthy.


Changing a Solid Rubber Tire and Plastic Hub Assembly

Usualy found on Go-Ped Scooters, solid rubber tires with plastic rims/hubs are very easy to replace. If your old tire is in need of replacement, you can simply cut it off with a knife or scissors, and throw away the damaged tire. Put the new tire on the a hard, flat surface, and put the hub in the middle of the tire and step on the rim. The rim will sink into the Solid Rubber Tire and you are ready to ride after you install the newly repaired wheel.


Changing out a One Piece Urethane Wheel

The one piece wheel is usually made of a urethane tire, and a plastic hub, and (commonly found on razor push scooters) is the easiest to change because you just replace the entire wheel. The replacement wheels are sold in sets, usually, and have all neccessary hardware to complete your wheel replacement. You  just take the old wheel off and replace with the new complete wheel.


Where Can I Purchase Replacement Tires, Tubes, Wheels or Tire Repair Kits

There are a handfull of great Online Electric, Gas, Push, and Mobility Scooter Parts Stores who specialize in many universal parts for many differend scooters. You can visit these stores for your Scooter Parts purchases, as they will ship your part directly to your door.





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