X-Treme Electric Scooters
The X-treme XM-3150 is a great commuter, suitable for everyone in the family 16 or older. The X-treme XM-3150 is capable of a top speed of 45 mph, and an impressive distance of 55 miles. The Sealed Lead Acid batteries that power the XM-3150 are very powerful and when the 5 batteries are combined, they make 3100 watts, and 38 amps. The power curve on the XM-3150 is smooth and steady, so there are no peaks of power or jolts of torque to endanger the rider. With fuel prices fluctuating and the economy so unsteady, an XM-3150 can really help out. Commutes that normally take 30 minutes now take only 15, and the cost to run the X-treme XM-3150 is virtually pennies a day. Charge your batteries and ride the XM-3500 Electric Moped and you are good to go for 55+ miles.

The X-treme XM-4000Li Lithium Ion Powered Electric Moped/Motorcycle is a great commuter with one of the longest range capabilities availavble in electric powered Mopeds. Using 21 tiny, yet powerful, Lithium Ion Batteries, the XM-4000Li can propel riders to 50 miles per hour, for a distance of 60 miles on a single charge. Lithium Ion batteries is what makes the XM-4000Li capable of such high top speeds and long distance travel...

The X-treme XB-300Li Lithium Ion powered Electric Bike is the most well equipped with standard features, electric bicycle on the market. Starting with the Heavy Duty Aluminum frame, the XB-300Li received front and rear suspension. The X-treme XB-300Li is also equipped with Lithium Ion Batteries, which will outlast the primitive SLA batteries that are included in other electric bikes. Features that are sold seperately on other electric bikes, are included with the XB-300Li like,...

The X-treme Scooters XM-5000Li Lithium Ion Powered Electric Motorcycle/Moped is the fastest electric Motorcycle available on the market. The defining factor behind the XM-5000Li's speed is the 21 tiny, but very powerful, Lithium Ion Batteries. Lithium Ion Batteries are superior to Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries in size, weight, capacity, output, and longevity. SLA batteries only last for 2-3 years, but Lithium Ion Batteries are known to last for 7-10 years with proper battery maintenance and operation. The XM-5000Li rockets to 65 mph, and carries a very steady power curve all the way to the max speed. The XM-5000Li is a Motorcycle that requires a drivers/motorcycle license, registration, and probably insurance, so be sure that you are aware that the X-treme XM-5000Li is NOT A TOY SCOOTER, and is capable of very high speeds..

The X-treme XB-502 Electric Bicycle makes cycling effortless, and also gives bikes a whole new look. Electric bikes usually look like regular bicycles, with the new body style of the X-treme XB-502 electric bike, you can barely even tell that the bike is a bicycle. The appearance of a moped or motorcycle is evident in the body styling of the XB-502, featuring head and tail lights, turn signals, and storage bins in the front and rear of the XB-502.


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