Electric Vehicles have an undeserved reputation for being nothing more than a passing fad. People commonly believe that these machines are slow or unreliable, however, this could be futher from the truth. Recently Playboy Magazine selected the Brammo Empulse R Electric Motorcycle as the Best Motorcycle of the Year! The Brammo is an impressive motorcycle, it can reach top speeds of about 105 miles per hour, boasts 47 ft lbs of torque, and sports an impressive Permanent Magnet AC Power 54 BHP engine. Hopefully, we will see a trend in electric and environmentally friendly vehicles really take off!

Independent US Senetor from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, is calling for an end to coporate welfare in the form of large "subsidies and tax breaks to hugely profitable fossil fuel corporations." Sanders lists off major offenders and the outrageous breaks they are recieving. Perhaps the most infuriating piece of information he lists is that
BP is claiming a 9.9 billion in tax deductions because they had to spend money on cleaning up their disasterous oil spill. 


This is an example of a module published to the right position. There are also left, insets, rows, etc. positions and many others, be sure to read the full description. This is the default style that will appear for most module positions in the white body area.

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To use a dynamic color for a module title simply enter any hex color code along with any module class suffix you would like use into the module class field of any module:

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-no_padding A81111

You must enter the suffix exactly as shown with a space after the suffix. If you are not using a class suffix simply enter the hex color only. This can be applied to any module class above.

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This is the -dark module style and can be applied to most most module positions.

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