The Razor Push Scooter is a house-hold name, and an important part of American culture. Razor Scooters and related products have been around since 2000, with the debut of the now famous Razor Kick Scooter. The Company is based in the United States, and their main office is located in Cerritos, California. Razor's products are known for being safe and innovative. High-performance products at very affordable prices are what have made this brand well-known.

A Push Scooter, or a Kick Scooter as it is sometimes referred to, is a vehicle that is powered by human exertion: a handlebar, deck and wheels are propelled by the rider pushing off the ground. Some of the earliest scooters first came about 100 years ago. The first prototypes were often made by attaching roller skate wheel sets to a board with some kind of handle. Now you too can continue with this scooting tradition. We have a wide and vast selection that has products for children and older riders alike.

Below is a sample of Razor Push Scooters , including the Razor 10th Anniversary Kick Scooter, 360 Flash RIder, Razor A, A Sweet-Pea, A2, A3, Black Label, BoGo Pogo, Kick Carver, Cruiser, Sweet Pea Cruiser, Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter, Graffiti Kick Scooter, Hello Kitty Scooter, Jr. Kiddie Kick Scooter,PowerWing DLX, PowerWing, PowerWing SweatPea, Pro-Model Kick Scooter, XX Kick Scooter, Rip-Rider 360 Drifting Ride-On, S Scooter, Siege Push Scooter, Siege Castor Scooter, Spark DLX, Spark Scooter, Special Edition Steel Scooter, Ultra-Pro Kick Scooter, Ultra Pro-Lo Kick Scooter, and the Wild Style Kick Scooter.


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