X-Treme Electric Scooters
The pint sized X-Treme X-140 electric scooter is compact and simple to use. The X-140 is named after its 140 watt motor, and is suitable for younger riders. The convenient folding and locking handlebars make storing, and carrying the X-140 easy. The scooter is so easy to carry, as it only weighs 19 lbs., and folds into a compact size for transport. The X-treme X-140 electric scooter is not suitable for riders over 200lbs, and would be best suited for a rider between 50-150 lbs. I was a little bit too big for this scooter, so I called my sister to see if I could use my nephew again. After the last scooter I took to him, I had to have him agree that he could ride and play with the scooter, however, this one needs to go back when we are done....

The X-Treme XB-300Li is a versatile, and convenient way to get around town. The XB-300Li arrived, pretty much, fully assembled and was ready to go as soon as the batteries charged. I have ridden other electric bicycles, but this one did not require the purchase of a seperate wheel kit or bicycle. The whole XB-300Li is a great deal too because it includes Lithium Ion batteries! Lithium Ion batteries are lightweight, hold a charge better/longer, and last for 7 times more charge cycles as opposed to Sealed Lead Acid batteries.

X-Treme X-360 electric scooter picture

In 2009, the X-treme X-360 electric scooter is equipped with 3, 12 volt batteries, 350 watts, and 30 amps for an improvement in range and power over it's predecessor. For under $400 you get an option packed, lightweight scooter that includes many features that other scooters do not include. The extra features of the X-360 really make riding more enjoyable and much safer...


The X-Treme XB-600 Electric Bike gets the job done and leaves you with enough money to buy some accessories too. I received the X-Treme XB-600 and was impressed with the packaging right away. I assembled the electric bike in no time and was ready to ride it as soon as the batteries charged. Once I rode this bike around the block, I knew that this bike was going to be one of the more comfortable electric bikes that I have ever ridden. The XB-600 is an Electric Bike and not a scooter, so...


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