99-renewableEven though the United States has not tacitly agreed to cooperate with the rest of the globe's industrialized nations in a massive effort and pledge to reduce worldwide carbon emissions under the Kyoto Protocol, the nation does have something it can boast about. The federal Office of Energy Projects (OEP), under the auspices of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, reported recently that over 99 percent of all new electricity capacity generated in the nation came from renewable resources.

The United State's ever increasing reliance on biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar and wind power renewable resources are “to blame” for this claim. The OEP reports that 12 new solar units pushed out an impressive total of 504 megawatts of power, while four new biomass units produced an amazing 124 megawatts. Two new wind generators made 66 megawatts. The balance of the nation's electrical capacity, nearly one percent, was provided by oil, which accounts for a mere five megawatts, a drop in the bucket by any standards.

“As the threats posed by climate change grow increasingly more dire, renewable energy sources have clearly become a viable alternative to fossil fuels as well as nuclear power,” said Ken Bossong, Executive Director of the SUN DAY Campaign. “Accordingly, efforts by some at the state and national levels to roll back support for these sources are clearly misguided.”

Solar Power is a clean and renewable form of alternative enegery that has many fans in the United States and abroad. According to the Washington Post , despite having very little sunshine, Germany has managed to use five times as much solar power than the entire US. Now that is an impressive feat that will benefit the German people. Perhaps Americans would do better to invest in such environmentally sustainble forms of enegery.

Gas Prices Rising? Don't be effected. Beat The Hike In Price!

Ah yes, the classic $4.50+ per gallon at the pump is back, and most people will just complain as they fill up their car with expensive gas. Yeah, it sucks, but it effects everyone, so don't let high prices at the pump get you. There are many ways to reduce your automotive uses, while having fun, helping the environment, your health, and traffic congestion. Bicycles, Scooters, and e-bikes are the most efficient ways to reduce your car use.

Bicycles have been around longer than the car, but it seems that the car surpassed the bicycle many years ago. What makes cars so desireable? Cars are large enough to fit multiple people, and cars propel us across the earth with little effort. Cars are faster than bicycles, and require less effort to use. Cars run on a liquid called gasoline, and this gasoline fuels the internal combustion engines to creat propulsion.

Evo Power Boards is a brand that carries both Electric Scooters and Gas Scooters. The brand is owned by Puzey Motor Corporation, which is the brain child of Mike Puzey. Puzey holds an impressive 25 international patents. It is rumored that he was able to strip and rebuild a go-kart engine as early as five years of age! It is with this passion and ingenuity that Puzey Motor Corporation brings to you some of the best, high quality and cutting edge Motorized Scooters out there!

Electric Scooters are an environmentally friendly and useful opttion for any number of riding needs. These vehicles are most accurately described as two or three wheeled electric-powered scooters commonly used by teens, active adults and kids. They are ideal for fulfilling all of your short-distance transportation requirements. Use these Scooters to get get to the mall or grocery store for running important errands, zip over to your college campus, or commute to work and completely bypass frustrating traffic. Perhaps the best way to use these scooters is for good old-fashioned fun! Because these Scooters are all electric, they create zero emissions during use, and cost only pennies a day to charge. You will be helping Mother Nature and your bank account all at once.


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