X-Treme Electric Scooters
The X-treme X-140 Electric Scooter is small, and portable for your kids convenience. The X-140 is capable of 10 miles per hour, for approximately 6-8 miles distance. The X-140 is not an adult scooter, as the size was intended for children, including the motor capacities. Children will be introduced to Green transportation through the X-treme X-140, and that environmental awareness is definitely an added bonus to the benefits of the X-140.

The X-treme XB-508 Electric Bicycle is powered by a Brushless 550 watt Hub motor. Brushless motors are the most efficient, powerful, and low maintenance electric motors available. The XB-502 Electric bicycle is able to be ridden anywhere that a standard pedal bicycle can be ridden, according to the Federal Electric Bike Law. The highly optioned X-treme XB-502 electric bike includes all of those accessories that other bike and scooter companies charge seperately.

The X-treme X-500 electric scooter is perfect for those that just want to scoot around, without too much rattling or features. The X-500 is very simple and basic, making the X-500 a great candidate for camping, or RV'ing. The basic design of the X-500 is for transportation, so there are no signals, horn, lights, or plastic bodywork to rattle around when you are riding. The X-500 provides good power, and can carry passengers up to 20 mph, for roughly 10 miles distance. The X-500 is powered by a 500 watt hub motor, that is fueled by (4) 12 volt, 7 amp Sealed lead acid batteries. X-treme is the highest quality manufacturer of electric and gas scooters, out of all of the Chinese brands, and this is why they are the most popular Chinese scooters on the market.

The X-treme X-600 electric scooter is the smoothest and most powerful electric scooter that X-treme has to offer. The powerful 600 watt motor is capable of rocketing riders up to 20 mph, for a total distance of 10 miles range. The variable speed twist throttle allows the rider to accelerate smoothly, without any jerky motions. The X-600 electric scooter has a full suspension system that will take the roughness out of any ride. The suspension in the front and rear helps to absorb road vibrations, and makes longer rides more tolerable. If you are tired of underpowered electric scooters, then the X-treme X-600 electric scooter will satisfy your needs.

The X-treme XB-562 Electric Bike is a great bike to commute with. The 500 watt motor is capable of carrying passengers at 18 miles per hour, for 18 miles distance. That is one hour of endless motor power. If the XB-562 runs out of batteries before you are home, you can pedal this bicycle to continue on. Electric bikes are great because they are considered regular bicycles, by law. You can ride an electric Bicycle anywhere that you can ride a traditional bicycle. Fun, fast, and affordability make the XB-562 the best "bang for your buck", when it comes to Electric bikes.


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