X-Treme Electric Scooters
The X-treme XB-700 Li Lithium Ion Powered Electric Bike is the first of the X-treme products to utilize this high technology battery. Lithium Ion batteries are a fraction of the size of SLA batteries, and they put out almost double the charge, at half the weight, and they charge in half of the amount of time that SLA batteries charge. Instead of  200-300 charge cycles like the SLA batteries provide, the Lithium Ion batteries that come on the X-treme XB-700Li will put out, up to 700 to 1000 charge cycles. The impressive range and top speed of the X-treme XB-700Li are mostly thanks to the new batteries.

The X-treme XB-600 electric bike is capable of unlimited range with the ability to pedal the XB-600. The pedal feature is also applied to qualify the XB-600 Electric Bike as a "Bicycle" by law. Since the XB-600 Electric bike is a bicycle, the rider is legally allowed to ride the XB-600 wherever regular bicycles. The XB-600 Electric bike is also very capable of being an everyday commuter. Riders can use the pedals, motor, or a combination of both to get optimal range and performance. The XB-600 Electric bike is also heavily loaded with options like; head/tail lights, front/rear signals, horn, storage, kickstand, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on...

X-treme X-250 small scooter for younger riders. The X-250 is perfect for your child to learn to ride on. The motor is 250 watts, and the batteries make 24 volts/ 10 amps. The X-treme X-250 is fast and fun, but not too fast. The top speed on the X-250 mini electric scooter is 13 mph, and the range is 8-10 miles. Environmentally friendly, extremely economical, efficient, and inexpensive transportation for smaller riders.

The X-treme X-360 Electric Scooter is the most popular X-treme scooter on the market. The X-360 is so popular becuase of all of the standard features that it comes with. The X-360 is also the most versatile scooter X-treme offers, because of the X-360's wide range of capabilities. The X-360 is not for racing, or jumping, but it will run you to the store and back a few times on one single charge.

The X-Treme XP-707 Electric Pocket Bike is the fastest electric pocket bike available anywhere. Most pocket bikes are gasoline powered and loud, but the X-treme XP-707 Electric Pocket Bike is silent, and runs on 3, 12 amp batteries for a total of 36 volts. The XP-707 has a 700 watt electric motor that produces almost 1 horsepower. I received the XP-707 Electric Pocket Bike and was expecting a little toy bike with a small electric motor, however, I was pleasantly surprised when I assembled the front wheel and noticed that the bike is not a toy at all, but a scaled down electric version of a Super Bike racing Motorcycle. The tires are racing slicks, on a set of aluminum racing rims, and the disk brakes are top grade perfomance parts. The body "fairing" is full racing fairing just like on full scale race bikes..


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