X-Treme Electric Scooters

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In 2009, the X-treme X-360 electric scooter is equipped with 3, 12 volt batteries, 350 watts, and 30 amps for an improvement in range and power over it's predecessor. For under $400 you get an option packed, lightweight scooter that includes many features that other scooters do not include. The extra features of the X-360 really make riding more enjoyable and much safer. I really enjoyed using the signals and lights, as the last scooter that I reviewed had none of this. The storage bin came in handy on a trip to the store. I was able to fit all of the small items in the trunk and still had room for a 32oz. water bottle. The acceleration is not tire spinning, but once at speed the X-360 cruises seamlessly. The styling of the X-360 electric scooter is modern and attracted attention wherever I stopped. The suspension is not too helpful but definitely makes the ride much smoother than scooters without suspension. This scooter is just not made for tricks or rough riding.

The pros:
-Light weight
-Storage trunk with key
-Lights and signals
-Good range
-Easy assembly and good packaging improvement
-Abundant replacement parts and tech service

The cons:
-Not super fast
-I tightened EVERY bolt on the scooter, because of Chinese fit and finish
-Scooter requires maintenance and upkeep, but it is easy and fun

More Info / Buy: X-Treme X-360 Electric Scooter


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