Go-Ped Electric Scooters
The Go-Ped I-Ped2 is the latest release from Patmont Motor Works and is the lightest and most powerful portable electric scooter available today. The I-Ped2 is still as small as the original iPed, but the new pneumatic tires and Mad Dog disk brakes give the iPed2 much greater stopping and handling properties. Go-Ped utilized all types of lithium batteries with the I-Ped2 letting the consumer choose between, SLA, LiPo, and LiFe batteries. The I-Ped2 is ideal for those who are commuting a few short trips throughout the day. Iped was originally the most portable electric scooter for adult sized riders available and it still is today even with the inclusion of disk brakes, and pneumatic tires. You can store the Iped2 under most subway, bus, or desk seats easily and you can get some with a small battery tender cable that makes charging on the go easy.
The I-Ped2 from Go-Ped has a 1000+ watt electro–head finned heat sync motor, which absorbs the heat at the motor and dissipates it. With safety features to prevent battery damage and motor damage the 24v DC brush motor is mated to a pulse width modulated advanced computerized variable speed and programmable controller. The controller does all of the work including; maximum speed protection, peak amperage protection, stall protection, motor overheat protection, and low voltage battery protection. Lithium Phosphate, Lithium Polymer, and Sealed Lead Acid batteries are all different so you can get the right one for you. SLA is the heavier, but old-reliable and efficient to replace batteries. The Lithium Phosphate takes longer to charge, but will last for 3-4 times as long as SLA batteries and provide the best value. Lithium Polymer batteries are the available in two different capacities, 8 Amp Hour, and 16 Amp Hour, as well as the ability to take along the portable power cable for longer life and extended ranges on the go.
It’s the GoPed ESR-1000H EX Hoverboard ! Can Go-Ped take the ESR1000EX, the most capable stand-up electric scooter ever made, and make it even more capable? With the newest battery technology already pushing the limits and GoPed models tapping out the performance well, that seems impossible, but it’s true. Well, this already fantastic scooter just got better with the inclusion of the full suspension Hoverboard chassis to accompany the newest LiFePo4 (Lithium Phosphate Polymer) battery technology. GoPed has set the bar so high with the new ESR-1000H EX that nobody will even come close to it for years to come. This electric scooter is everything they have to offer, all wrapped up into one affordable and capable package.
GoPed started the motorized scooter craze over 20 years ago, and they continue to push the boundaries of technology and electric powered performance with their new line of extended range scooters. The chassis, brakes, and wheels are the same found on all of the ESR models, but this new ESR-1000H EX is the hottest thing they’ve produced in about a year. The new technology of the LiFePo4 batteries coupled with the proven and tested Hoverboard suspension system makes the ESR-1000H EX untouchable. The new batteries utilized are the most capable and longest lasting batteries that they have yet to use. SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) was the first type of battery that GoPed used, but these inexpensive and heavy batteries are only capable of 200-300 charge cycles before needing replacement. Next, they incorporated the use of Lithium Ion batteries, but these super capable, small, and efficient batteries come at a great price, so GoPed started to search for alternative power sources. Enter the newest technology available from Go-Ped with the inclusion of LiFePo4 batteries. The LiFePo4 batteries put out as much power as the expensive Li-Ion batteries but for a fraction of the cost.
As if the news about the LiFePo4 Powered ESR1000 wasn't enough for you, Go-Ped has incorporated this technology in their Hoverboard model too!! The Go-Ped ESR-1000H Hoverboard is the same great new technology wrapped up into the most capable and impressive suspension systems available on the electric scooter market today.

Go-Ped has held the bar high for many years making it almost impossible to compete with their high quality Fit-and-finish. Go-ped is not a cheap Chinese scooter company that saturates the market with terrible quality and shoddy craftsmanship. Go-Ped custom makes each and every product that they produce in-house in Minden, Nv.

I was very impressed with the ESR-1000 LiFePo4 battery powered scooter, but the introduction of the Hoverboard has me very excited, because I know that one will be showing up on my doorstep shortly to test out...

The Go-Ped ESR-1000 EX extended range has arrived and it is definitely something to write home about. Go-Ped experimented with SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries, Lithium Ion battery packs, and now finally the most affordable and longest lasting batteries available have made their way into the battery compartment of the classic ESR750 chassis. The Go-Ped designers reached out and tried a new battery technology for this new release and it turned out to be the best bargain coupled with the longest range available today.

The new ESR-1000 EX has the “EX” at the end of its name because the manufacturer utilized a new battery technology called LiFePo4 (Lithium Phosphate Polymer) batteries and they are super efficient and capable of extended ranges over the previous models of ESR scooters. The first initial SLA batteries are inexpensive and did not produce very much range or longevity over time. The second batteries used are the extremely expensive Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries that are very efficient, small, yet high priced and expensive to replace. Enter the newest LiFePo4 battery packs. These new batteries allow the ESR-1000 EX to go farther than the base model of ESR1000, because the new batteries are small and compact making it possible to fit more batteries in the battery compartment. This scooter has double the batteries of the standard unit, so this means it will go twice as far as the previous model. This extended range is where the scooter really shines. The price difference between the ESR750, and the ESR1000EX is just a few hundred dollars, but this extra cost will essentially get you a more capable scooter for a slight price increase. The difference between the Lithium Ion ESR’s and the LiFePo4 ESR-1000 EX is only a matter of a few hours charge time, but the price difference is exponentially greater. This is why the ESR1000 is a no brainer.
Go-Ped ESR-1000Finally! A balance between the high costs of Lithium-Ion powered scooters, and primative SLA powered scooters has been acheived through the newest LiFePo powered; Go-Ped ESR-1000 Electric Scooter! Yesssss.

Initially, Go-Ped started off using Sealed Lead Acid batteries (SLA), which can be found in most cars, and motorcycles. SLA batteries are big, heavy, and filled with corrossive acids that lose their charge holding capabilities after very few charge cycles. Lithium-Ion was discovered to be exponentially more efficient in size, weight, and overall charging capabilities, but the price was not so efficient. The price is actially insanely high. This scooter is still available with both batteries, but the SLA's start around $1,000, and the Lithium-Ion's start around $2,200.

The new LiFePo4 batteries are almost as efficient as the higher cost Lithium-Ion, and much more efficient than..


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