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The StreetStrider can be classified asa variant of the traditional Push Scooter because it isperson-powered and riders are required to use the vehicle whilestanding, however, it is more accurate to describe it as acombination exercise machine and commuter vehicle. The StreetStrideris the brainchild of David W. Kraus, PhD. Kraus was a formerAssociate Professor of Biology and Environmental Health Sciences atthe University of Alabama at Birmingham who used the knowledge hegained in his fields of study to engineer the StreetStrider; aninnovative means of promoting health, diminishing emissions andgetting from point A to point B.

AStreetStrider is essentially a mobile elliptical trainer. Elliptical trainers provide some of the most thorough workouts at the gym bysimultaneously working the upper and lower half of one's body; thus,proving a low impact and full body experience. This innovation allowsriders to multitask: they can bypass expensive gym memberships, gascosts and get in their daily dose of exercise. While theStreetStrider is a multipurpose device, it is tailor-made forexercise and general fitness purposes like weight loss or getting theCDC recommended 30 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week formaintaining good health.

Below is a sample of Street StriderPush Scooters, including the Street Strider Summit 8r, Eclipse, JETfor Kids, and Sprinter 3r.

1. StreetStrider Eclipse

This is the newest StreetStrider model.It features a chainless Hartmann Hub, which has been designed toreduce chain maintenance. The single speed transmission is equivalentto gear 6 of the Summit 8r and gear 2 of the Sprinter 3r. This makesthe Eclipse well-suited for striding on flat terrain and slighthills.

Kickstart Side Walker Scooters combine are a cross between a standard Bicycle and a Push Scooter. This hybrid yields many benefits. Firstly, riders can maintain an upright position during use, unlike most bikes which causes riders to arch their backs. This should reduce back soreness and injury associated with riding bikes. Secondly, unlike conventional scooters, riders have better control, especially when dealing with uneven terrain and potholes. These scooters were designed in Austria and are manufactured in Taiwan. They are well-built and very high-caliber. They have been continuously distributed and shipped from a warehouse in Buffalo, NY for over 13 years.
Side Walker Scooters are ideal for short distance commuting.  Most riders cruise an average of about 10-15 miles per hour. Should riders choose to go downhill, the Side Walker will go as fast as a standard bike. Maintenance tends to be easier than a bicycle, too. no chain or oil to get you dirty, and no derailleur to adjust. This particular vehicle also possesses impact for fitness training, with more impact than cycling and less impact than running. These vehicles are fairly straight-forward to use, and mounting and dismounting is effortless. This kick bike is known for it's combination of good ergonomics, strong frame and pneumatic tires.

Below is a sample of Kickstart Push Scooters,  including the Kickstart Micro Sidewalker, Willy Sidewalker and the City Sidewalker. 

Kickbike America is a brand of Kickbike that is manufactured by the Kickbike America Company. A Kickbike is a sort of like a cross between a Bicycle and a Scooter. Like a Scooter, it has a platform, but it has a front tire like a Bike. Unlike a Bike, this vehicle has no pedals, and you move it like a scooter. Also, it’s Person-Powered, so it’s great for the environment. If you are on a downhill slope, then you can just use gravity to your advantage. Kick Bikes are an excellent way to stay in shape. According to the Company, when using their product you use “the same muscles as running, yet is lower impact. In fact, a Kickbike workout uses even more muscles than running.”

Kickbikes are an excellent means for short distance commuting, zipping around the neighborhood, or recreation. They are ideal for youths and have the benefit of being environmentally friendly.

Below is a sample of Kick-bike America Kick Bikes, including the Kickbike City Cruiser, Freeride Junior Scooter and Sport Classic.


The Micro Push Scooter brand is owned by Kick Board USA. They have been manufacturing premium scooters for over 15 years! It all began when the founder, a former banker turned inventor, Wim Ouboter, needed a vehicle that would help him get to his favorite sausage shop. Wim decided he needed a new mode of mobility suited to traveling the "microdistance" to get his daily sausage. With the scooters of his childhood on his mind, he set about making an adult version that could fold up for better portability. Eventually, Wim began creating a Kick Scooter prototype and tweaked it until it was small enough to hide in his backpack. The rest is history.

A Push Scooter is a person powered vehicle with a handlebar, deck and wheels that is propelled by a rider pushing off the ground. They are an excellent means of short-distance travel and commuting. The earliest scooters first came about 100 years ago.The first prototypes were often made by attaching roller skate wheel sets to a board with some kind of handle.

Below is a sample of Micro Push Scooters, including the Micro Extreme, Micro Maxi, and the Micro Mini.

Kent is an acclaimed line of bicycles, scooters and accessories that belongs to Kent International, Inc. The Kent Company is a well established and trusted business that has been active since the early 1900s. Kent International began when the current president’s grandfather immigrated to the United States and got a job working at a New York Bike Shop; the rest, as they say, is history. Kent is well regarded for its top quality products that are designed with the rider's safety in mind.

A Push Scooter is a person powered vehicle with a handlebar, deck and wheels that is propelled by a rider pushing off the ground. Fun Fact: Some of the earliest scooters first came about 100 years ago. Riders woulc create these prototypes, often, by attaching roller skate wheel sets to a board with some kind of handle.

The following is a small portion of typical Kent Kick Scooters, inlcuding the Purple Super 14" Scooter, Super Push Scooter, and Scooter and Kick Bike System.


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