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The X-treme Brand is well known to be an first-rate option for alternative recreational and commuter vehicles. This Brand is well known for its affordable and well-built Electric Bicycles. X-Treme has been a house hold name since 2001; they boast a large selection of Electric Scooters, Push Scooters Electric Bikes, Pocket Bikes and more. They are perfect for short distance commuting.

Electric Bikes are also are also known as E-Bikes; most are basically bicycles with electric motors.  This type of vehicle is perfect for meeting most of your short-distance transportation needs like getting to the grocery store or commuting to work so as to avoid traffic and the endless search for parking. If you are a student, they are great for getting around campus. We think that the best way to use an X-treme Electric Bikes is for fun and recreation. The great thing about E- Bikes is that they are very practical. If you feel like getting some physical activity, you can choose to pedal. If you find yourself getting tired, use the electric option for an extra boost of power! 

Because these X-Treme E-bikes are all-electric they are environmentally friendly and practically emissions free. If you are a conscientious consumer and are concerned with pollution, this is an excellent and affordable alternative to gas guzzlers. (To be even kinder to Mother Nature, get your electricity from a renewable source).

Below is a selection of some wonderful X-Treme Electric Bikes: XB-300Li ,  XB-305Li, XB-310Li , XB-502 , XB-600 ,  XB-700Li.

E-zip is a brand of Electric Scooters  from the world Famous Currie Technologies Company. Currie develops and distributes a wide variety of top-notch alternative transportation options that are superbly designed, innovative and environmentally friendly. Currie Technologies is best known for its Electric Scooters, Electric Bikes, Hybrid Electric Bikes and Conversion Kits. Their Ezip Electric Scooters have reputation for possessing superior acceleration, torque and handling.

Electric Scooters are an eco-friendly and handy substitute for many of your transportation needs. These babies are best defined as two or three wheeled electric-powered scooters commonly used by teens, adults on the go and children. They are ideal for performing all of your short-distance transportation requirements. Use these Scooters to get to the post office or grocery store for running important errands, scoot on over to your college campus, or use them to get to work and completely bypass frustrating traffic, and the scramble for available parking. Perhaps the greatest way to use these scooters is for fun and recreation!
Because these E-zip Scooters are all-electric they are green and virtually emissions free, so if reducing your carbon foot-print is important to you, this is an excellent and affordable selection. (To be even kinder to Mother Nature, get your electricity from a renewable source).

Below is a selection of some awesome E-Zip Electric Scooters for you to look through at your pleasure, including the E400, E750, eZip 1000 Fusion, eZip 500, E-4.5, E-450 and EZ3 Nano

1. e-Zip E400 Electric Scooter

This baby features both a deck for standing and a removable seat for comfort on longer rides. When you need to go a farther distance than a comfortable walk, the Ezip 900 will get you there and back quickly thanks to its 8-mile range (depending on rider weight) and top speed of 15 MPH.


The Zappy 3 Three wheeled electric scooter is very stable and user friendly across the board. The three wheeled design is the perfect platform for all riders, of all riding abilities. Zappy has created this three wheeled scooter for all ages, and abilities, so the Zappy 3 is perfect for your 12 year old son or daughter, as well as your 85 year old grandfather or grandmother. The front wheel drive system is safe and easy to use, so you don't have to worry about your loved ones taking a spill at high speeds. The Zappy 3 is limited to 13 mph and the accelleration is manageable..

Segway is a brand of Human Transportation Vehicles owned by Segway Inc. This company is based in New Hampshire, and their products are made in the USA! They are the leading provider in Personal Electronic Transportation and have become a house-hold name over the years. You probably have seen these amazing vehicles before: security officials have been using them to guard parameters, and tourists on holiday have been using them to get to know exciting new cities.

While these technically are not coventional Electric Scooters, they have many of the same applications and benefits as more traditional electric scooters. All of their products produce zero emissions while in use, and they are very environmentally-friendly. Their Personal Transporters are great for indoor use, side walks, cross-terrain and patrol! Their energy efficiency is equivalent to an impressive 450 miles per gallon.

They are ideal for fulfilling all of your short-distance transportation requirements. Use these Human Transportation Vehicles to get to a café, or grocery store for running important errands, ride over to your college campus, or commute to work and completely bypass frustrating traffic.

Below is a selection of some amazing Segways for you to peruse at your convenience, including the i180 Human Transporter, i2, X2, X2 Golf, and XT Cross-Terrain Transporter.


Electric Cars and Bicycles are a great way to reduce the Oil-hungry United States' appetite for foreign oil and petroleum products. Global Warming, and Climate Change are being affected by the internal combustion engines and the wasteful system that power companies have in place right now. Some people are concerned that if the US moves to Electric Vehicles, the power-plants would not be able to keep up with the heightened demand of electricity to re-charge said Electric Cars. Well, this is common, and Climate Change is changing for the worst. Global Warming is not a myth, and those that are not concerned about it are usually ignorant, and not considerate enough to think of the future generations that we will be leaving the world to. Global Warming and Climate Change are both directly related and are bothe directly affected by the emissions that cars produce. Smart Grid Technology will refine the cuurrent (primitive) power grid system, and fine tune each customer's needs and supply. If your electric car is fully charged and requires no more charging, the Smart Grid technology will recognize this and stop charging when appropriate. The Smart Grid Technology will also be able to use your electric car's battery system when not in use, to store or borrow power with the owners permission. .


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