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Golden Technologies is a brand of medical scooters, or mobility scooters as they are often called, that are manufactured by the Golden Technologies company. Golden Technologies is a family owned and run business. Golden Technologies innovates electric Scooters, seat Lift Chairs, adjustable beds, power wheelchairs and more. Their products are aimed at helping individuals regain their mobility with their safe and well-built vehicles.

mobility scooter is best defined as an alternative to electric wheelchairs. Mobility scooters are similar to electric wheelchairs; however, they tend to be configured like a motor scooter. They are sometimes called power-operated vehicles/scooters or electric scooters, tooGolden Technologies Mobility Aids are made of the quality parts, expert craftsmanship and are carefully designed.

The following is a selection of popular Golden Technologies Mobility Scooters including theGolden Technologies Alante Sport, Buzzaround Lite, and the  the Companion 3-Wheel.

1. Golden-Technologies Alante Sport

This Mobility Scooter may be used for indoor use. It is outfitted with 9 inch drive wheels that are won't scuff most floors. It boasts extra-large 4-inch anti-tipper wheels for extra safety. It also sports a red and black shroud design that protects the exceptional batteries and motor.

ActiveCare Mobility Scooters are designed and manufactured by ActiveCare Medical, a company that specializes in mobility aids like power wheelchairs and mobility scooters and travel scooters. While Electric wheelchairs have been around for years, Mobility Scooters are more of a recent phenomenon. The major difference between the two is that Electric Wheelchairs are essentially wheelchairs that are run by an electric motor. Frequently, they are fitted with joysticks or other types of navigational controls. Mobility Scooters are somewhat comparable to wheel chairs, except they tend to be configured like a motor scooter. They are sometimes called power-operated vehicles/scooters or electric scooters, as well.

ActiveCare is has created a name for themselves by reliably providing top-notch vehicles at economical prices. Many of their products come with reliable warranties. With ActiveCare, there is no need to trade in value and elegance to save on money.

The following is a selection of popular ActiveCare Mobility Scooters including the ActiveCare Osprey extra-large 4-wheeled scooter, the Spitfire EX 1420 Scooter, and the Pilot 3-wheel.

1. ActiveCare Osprey Extra Large 4-Wheel Scooter

This mobility scooter can easily support up to 500 pounds while going on long distance trips of anywhere up to 38 miles. It is perfect for both leisure and professional related outings. It's groundbreaking ergonomic handle and control panel significantly increases ease and handling.

Trikke Recreational and Commuter Vehicles are manufactured by Trikke, Tech Inc. For those who are not familiar with these whimsical looking Trikkes, these are, in many in many respects, an improvement on the classic Kick Scooter or Push Scooter as they are sometimes referred to. Like the standard, this is a person-powered machine that features a handlebar, wheels, and a deck that means riders must operate the Trikke while standing. The chief difference is the Trikke's unique double platform that is engineered for “active riding.” This feature allows riders to have improve their maneuverability and have greater ease while performing tricks at the skatepark.

The Trikke line is ideal for both beginners and pros, alike. They are very versatile machines that are suited to a wide variety of life styles. They are commonly used as a fitness aid by riders who are interested in losing a little bit of weight, or for general health goals, like meeting the CDC daily recommendation of 30 minutes of physical activity.

Trikkes are also a popular mode of environmentally friendly transportation because they are so well-suited for short-distance commuting. They are ideal for getting to campus in style, scooting on over to a friends house, or taking the dog for a walk. In 2002, Trikke was on the cover of Time Magazine for having one of “The Best Inventions of the Year.” This company is known for their highly innovative and top quality products.

The following are a small sample of typical Trikke Kick Scooters on the market, including the Trikke T78 Air Deluxe (EA), T78CS Bike and the Tech T7 Series 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter.

Xootr Push Scooters is produced and distributed by Xooter LCC. This is a well-established company that has been in the Scooter and Eco-friendly vehicles market since it first open it's doors over 14 years ago. Xootr has built its reputation on dishing out awesome and imaginative products at economical prices.  Xootr scooters have the distinction of having to ability to fold speedily and simply for straight-forward transport and storage. For readers who are unfamiliar with the push scooter, or kick scooter, category, they can best be defined as a vehicle that typically sports a handlebar, deck and wheels that is propelled by a rider pushing off the ground.

Xootr Push Scooters have gained their popularity by being able to fold into a soundly compact configuration in less than 10 seconds. They are ideal for riders on the go and are idyllic for being packed away in a suitcase for air travel or train travel. Because these models are small and unassuming, they are well-suited to taking aboard public transportation, too.

Xootr Kick Scooters are designed to be green transportation, like Bikes they are a great way to reduce one's carbon footprint and help the environment.  They are person-powered and produce no emissions. Xootr scooters are made to fit nearly everyone's lifestyles. They can be used for losing a few extra lbs or getting physically fit. Because of their size, they are awesome when it comes to short-stance commuting. Riders may find this scooter most useful for traveling to the office, riding to campus or running errands.

The following are a few prime examples of Xootr kick scooters such as the Cruz Ultra Kick Scooter. MG Kick Scooter, MG with Fender, Roman Kick Scooter. 

1. Xootr CRUZ ULTRA kick scooter

This machine features a 9 ply Baltic Birch deck that sits on top of machined aluminum rails. It is built with quality components fso it can take average rough and tumble. The Cruz comes standard with awesome ultra-glide polyurethane tires and the new ergo pin.

Toucan Kick Bikes, go by a sundry of names, including Push Bikes and Push Scooters. However, these whimsical vehicles are best described as a cross between a classic Bike and a Kick-Scooter. How is a Kick Bike like a Scooter? For one, they are completely person-powered, they sport platforms and Kickbikes require riders to stand, so they can operate the vehicle. However, this is not your average scooter, they have inherited the tires and handle bars from standard Bicycles. Unlike a bike, this vehicle has no pedals, and you move it like a scooter. 

Toucan brand Push Bikes are all prodouced by the Belize Bicycle company. Those who are familiar with the Belize name, know that this brand is synonymous with quality. They have over 40 years of experience producing scooters, bicycles, and related products in the personal vehicles market. Their company is headquartered in La Salle, a suburb of Montreal. Their products, especially models in their Toucan series, are known to be manufactured to the highest standards, yet they still manage to offer them at competitive prices.

Toucan Kick Bikes are an excellent means of getting the recommened daily 30 minutes of physical activity. Also, unlike standard Bicycles and Push Scooters, they make excellent personal vehicles to utilize for excersizing the family dog. According to Science Daily, regular physical activity with one's pets helps both owner and dog to remain physically healthy and strengthen bonds. 

The following are a small sample of typical Toucan Kick Scooters on the market, including the Toucan 12" Kick Bike, 16", 20" and the Toucan Suspension Kick Bike. 

1. Toucan 12" Kick Bike Scooter

This small and sleek model boasts a sturdy and well-built frame, and straight forward assembly. Over all, this is a 12" scooter that is 45 inches long overall. It sports a handlebar that is 34" from the ground at its highest with a 2" adjustment range (32" at its lowest) and a footboard that is d is 5.5" off the ground.


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