The Crystalyte Roadrunner Electric Bike Kit is the perfect introduction to electric vehicles for your younger children. Some of the Crystalyte Electric Bike Kits are far too powerful for the younger riders, and the novelty electric vehicles that are sold by your local super store are not powerful enough. The Crystalyte Roadrunner Electric Bike Kit is great for your beginning electric bicyclist. The Crystalyte Roadrunner Electric Bike Kit will top out at  23 mph, so the Roadrunner is still an extremely powerful electric bicycle kit, but the power comes on subtly, and smoothly.

The Crystalyte Sparrow Electric Bike Kit is perfect for converting your teen's pedal bicycle, into an efficient and fun electric bicycle. The Crystalyte Sparrow line of Electric Bike Kits is the first kit that you should be looking into. Crystalyte Electric Bike Kits are produced for many different uses, and the Sparrow is a good beginner kit, for a young or old family member. The Crystalyte Sparrow Electric Bike Kit is still very powerful, and will carry an average sized rider, up to 25 mph, for distances as far as 18 miles distance on a single charge. This range is for battery power only, so if you pedal, and use the Sparrow hub motor sparingly, your range is unlimited!...

The Crystalyte Phoenix Cruiser, Electric Bike Kits are a great way to turn your old trusty, and dusty bicycle into an efficient and fast electric bicycle. One thing about Crystalyte is that you have to install the wheel, controller, batteries, and throttle on to an existing bicycle that you already have, so the finished product will be something that is custom fit to you, and not some cookie cutter, pre assembled, Wal-Mart electric bike. The Crystalyte Phoenix Cruiser Electric Bike Kit is the middle ground motor, as far as performance, between the Crystalyte Phoenix Racer, and the Crystalyte Phoenix Brute. Each brushless hub motor is made for a different power-band, and the Racer has the highest top speed, but not as much grunt off the line. The Brute has the most low end power, and not as much top speed. Enter the Crystalyte Phoenix Cruiser brushless hub motor into the mix, and you have the perfect mid-range power-band....


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