Go-Ped Electric Scooters

2932363100_5bf7ff5820_zStarting a new company is not an easy undertaking. The complexities of running a business in any industry seem to be mount higher and higher each year, what with local, state and country regulations. Then if your product or service expands into other countries, there are even more regulations to contend with as well. This couldn't be even more true for the automotive industry. If anything, it is even tougher for that industry than any other.

New car buyers are usually hesitant to buy an unknown brand of vehicle. After all, it is pretty sizable investment into something that they need everyday without fail. The unknown brand leaves many questions on the table because there is no reputation established yet in regards to dependability and reliability. Thus the unknown makes the task of a new brand almost impossible.

Edmunds, a name well known and respected has been test driving a new brand, the Tesla Model S, an electric car on a long-term basis. Yes, they take the challenge to test drive such things so that the manufacturer has the opportunity to get the “bugs” out before their product hits the market. Risky for Edmunds, but somebody has to do it, right? It is also a risk for any auto manufacturer as Tesla found out right away when they had to replace the test unit 4 times for Edmunds.

So how did Tesla Motors counteract those 4 failures with Edmunds? The Silicon Valley auto maker announced a major upgrade that no other auto maker has dared to attempt, and most likely won't. They have increased the warranty to the Model S drivetrain to equal that of the battery pack. What does that mean? Well the 85-kilowatt-hour Model S now comes with an 8 year warranty on the drive-train and even better, unlimited mileage... or according to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, “infinite mileage!”

Dahon Electric Folding Bikes are manufactured by the Dahon Company. They are located in Los Angeles, California; their bicycles are assembled in factories in Taiwan, Macau, the Czech Republic and China with parts sourced from the leading component manufacturers from around the world. Dahon is most recognized for their production of economical and high quality folding bikes. They entered the market in 1982 with the production of their first folding bike, and since then they have sold over two million folding bikes. Dahon’s official philosophy is to create “green mobility solutions for people who live active, environmentally friendly lifestyles.” With Dahon Electric Bicycles, riders get the benefits of both an Electric bike and a Folding bike in one compact package.

Electric Bicycles are commonly referred to as E-Bikes; most are basically bicycles with electric motors used to power them.  This type of bike is perfect for meeting short-distance transportation requirements like running errands or commuting to work. They are an excellent resource for students who need to get around campus. One of the best things about E- Bikes is that they are very versatile. If you feel like getting some exercise, you can just pedal.

A Folding bike is just that, a bike that folds up! These bikes are perfect for those who commute or need too board crowded trains or have a small living space. The folding mechanisms vary between bikes, but they all tend to be very compact, light weight and durable.  Folding bikes first came into use in the 1890s for the French Army for Bicycle Infantry use.


Beginning in 1985 with a prototype for a new motorized personal transport device Steve Patmont launched Patmont Motor Werks, creators of the Go-Ped, the original motorized scooter, in his garage. He began by building Go-Peds only for friends and family that just had to have one, and it blossomed from there.

In the 20 years since their inception, Patmont Motor Werks, the Manufacturer of the Genuine California Go-Ped7® brand scooters, has earned a unique leadership position in the scooter industry and racing arena. With two decades of successful R&D, Engineering and Production, PMW possesses the best knowledge, understanding and tools to bring to customers products which exceed their highest expectations. PMW has been constantly at the forefront by continually perfecting and engineering the most high-end and refined scooting machines in the World.

Well known for its excellence and expertise in gasoline powered Go-Peds®, PMW Engineering "Skunk Werks" have in fact also actively developed ingenious electric powered transportation alternatives. In 1995, it introduced the first electric powered Go-Ped® Prototype. Based on the design of the Original and Best Selling Sport Go-Ped®, the spindle drive electric Stealth™ Go-Ped® was introduced in 1996. Later, the Stealth II and Hoverboard7® Go-Ped® were launched for customers looking for the most silent and classy electric scooters. After nearly two years of careful and painstaking development using all lessons learned, not only from its own electric scooter development, but from the many lessons taught by others, PMW has reached electric perfection and is proud to present the long awaited Go-Ped® "Electric Speed Racer" ESR750.

Go-Ped manufactures a top of the line electric scooter called the Go-Ped ESR75



GOPED ESR750: The Go-Ped "Electric Speed Racer" ESR 750 is in a class by itself. It's perfect for commuters, pleasure riders and electric enthusiasts who demand a first class riding experience. It's powered by a 750 watt advanced technology Go-Ped electric motor that offers state-of-the-art performance and reliability. Thrilling acceleration, speeds up to 20 mph and outrageous hill climbing are par for the course with this unique gliding machine. The Go-Ped ESR 750 electric scooter has a low center of gravity, stable ride and great maneuverability. Innovative and high quality features abound with the Go Ped ESR 750 . . . Click here for info about the GO-PED ESR750 ELECTRIC SCOOTER!

GOPED ESR 750EX: The Go-Ped "Electric Speed Racer" ESR 750EX is an upgraded version of the Go-Ped ESR 750. It offers a larger battery which extends range by up to 50%! The ESR 750 EX comes with all the features of the standard ESR750 as well. It's powered by a 1000+ watt advanced technology Go-Ped electric motor that offers state-of-the-art performance and reliability. Thrilling acceleration, speeds up to 20 mph and outrageous hill climbing are par for the course with this unique gliding machine. The Go-Ped ESR 750EX has a low center of gravity, stable ride and great maneuverability. It's extremely durable, reliable and easy to maintain . . . Click here for info about the GO-PED ESR 750EX ELECTRIC SCOOTER!

GOPED ESR 750 SPORTThe Go-Ped ESR 750 Sport is a more compact version of the award winning ESR 750 and ESR 750 EX. While smaller and lighter, it maintains the same incredible performance and power characteristics of the other models. The GoPed ESR750 Sport is the clear choice for commuters. It folds down to a light and compact package that can be easily carried and stored. It fits neatly under a bus, train or ferry seat, and even under a shopping cart . . . Click here for information about the GO-PED ESR 750 SPORT ELECTRIC SCOOTER!


S25 - GOPED The GoPed Sport 'Strato' S25 is Go-Ped's entry level gas scooter. It's a solid, no frills gas powered scooter that's extremely reliable and easy to maintain. The Go-Ped S25 is perfect for active teens and adults who demand top quality product at a great price. The Sport "Strato" S25 engine features state of the art Stratified Charge™ technology for low emissions, a quieter ride and high fuel efficiency. We love Stratified Charge tech for three reasons . . . Click here for info about the GO-PED S25 GAS SCOOTER!

The GSR Sport gas scooter is an upgrade of the Go-Ped S25. It's packed with all the incredible quality and performance features found on the S25 with a few extras. The GSR Sport is chain driven and carries a modified engine with a centrifugal clutch that allows the scooter to idle and freewheel. These enhanced features make the GSR Sport a much easier scooter to ride. You also have the option of adding a seat kit and beam rack. This Go-Ped Speed Racer is solid, extremely reliable and easy to maintain. . . . Click here for info about the GO-PED GSR SPORT GAS SCOOTER!

The GSR 25 Go-Ped Speed Racer gas scooter offers the unmatched quality and performance you expect from a Go-Ped. The GSR25 is an upgraded version of the GSR Sport. Of the three Go-Ped gas scooters UrbanScooters.com carries, the GSR 25 offers the smoothest, easiest ride. The extra wide handlebars and large 10" TT pneumatic tires make this scooter great for cruising. Other upgrades found on the GSR25 include; a heavy duty rear axel, patented Mad Dog™ disc brakes, a larger gas tank for increased range, and a rainbow of great colors to choose from . . . Click here for info about the GO-PED GSR 25 GAS SCOOTER!


GOPED GROW-PED The Grow-Ped push scooter is a miniature version of the Know-Ped. The Grow-Ped has been designed with the young kick scooter enthusiast in mind (ages 4 – 8). Go-Ped has crafted this push scooter with shorter handlebars and a smaller frame and deck to properly fit the younger rider. Parents love that Grow-Peds include the same safety features that make the Know-Ped so popular . . . Click here for info about the GO-PED GROW-PED PUSH SCOOTER

GOPED KNOW-PED The Know-Ped is a non-motorized version of the classic Go-Ped gas scooter and the highest quality kick scooter on the market today. It's perfect for folks 8 to 80 looking for fun and a way to get around town (kids 4 to 8 should try the Grow-Ped). Know-Ped's provide a fun way for younger riders to develop the balance, coordination and riding skills they'll need to take on the motorized Go-Ped's they'll be screaming for in years to come! Adult riders love the way KnowPed's get them where they need to go . . . Click here for info about the GO-PED KNOW-PED PUSH SCOOTER!


Go-Ped Electric Scooters are made by Patmont Motor Werks, a company based in the United States. This is a family owned operation that is known for its top of the line Scooters and almost obsessive attention to detail. It all started bout 26 years ago in 1985, when Steve Patmont, his wife Hannelore and their two sons, Gabe and Tim, first opened the doors of Patmont Motor Werks. What began simply as a single patent for a prototype of a new motorized vehicle has now become the world renowned Go-Ped brand. Paramount Motor Werks is an American-based company that takes satisfaction in providing jobs for the American workforce. They have some of the highest quality scooters on the market. They produce Electric Scooters, Gas Scooters, Push Scooters and Go Karts of the highest caliber, but it’s their Electric Scooters that have proven the most popular.

Electric Scooters are an environmentally friendly and versatile choice for any number of riding needs. However, they are especially well-suited to short distance commuting. Electric Scooters can best be described as two or three wheeled electric-powered scooters commonly used by teens, kids and adults on the go. They commonly have a step through frame. They were designed specifically with urban transport in mind. You can use these Scooters to get to the mall or grocery store for running important errands, zipping over to your college campus, or commuting to work while completely bypassing traffic, parking troubles and the expense of gas! And let’s face it, the gas prices aren’t getting any cheaper. Cutting out car-travel for short distance commuting is a smart move! Perhaps, the best ways to use these scooters are for good old-fashioned fun.

Because these Go-Ped Scooters are all-electric, they are virtually emissions-free during operation, and they cost only pennies a day to charge. You will be helping Mother Nature and your wallet all at once!



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