Go-Ped Electric Scooters
The X-treme XB-562 is a fully loaded, and conventional Electric Bike that gets you where you are going. X-treme scooters are produced in China, but they stand alone in quality, compared to any other Chinese scooter manufacturers that I have reviewed. X-treme scooters are the most copied Chinese electric scooters out there too, so make sure you are not purchasing a cheap copy. When the XB-562 arrived I was impressed with it's weight. Compared to some of the other E-bikes that I have ridden, the XB-562 is much lighter making it more agile. The bike arrived on a pallet via freight, instead of a ground carrier like FedEx, or UPS, so the bike was pretty much fully assembled and only needed a little bit of work to attach some of the more fragile components. I then rode the XB-562 for the first time and was very impressed with it's handling. The weight

Go-Ped's GoBike Power Rack Electric Bike Kit is a very unique direct drive motor kit that utilizes Lithium Ion battery technology at an affordable price. The GoBike Kit is easily installed and the lightest Electric Bicycle Kit in the world. After you easily install the kit, and charge the Lithium Ion batteries, the Go-Ped GoBike Kit is ready to roll. The GoBIke is powerful eough to cruise, but it is not a great climber, or land speed record holder either, but still a great way to releive some of the workload of riding a conventional bicycle. I weigh 175 lbs. and the GoBike got me up to....

Go-Ped HoverboardGo-Ped continues to reign over ANY product I have ridden/reviewed to date. The Go-Ped ESR750H is basically the same motor and power-train as the ESR750EX, with the exception of an awesome front and rear suspension system (C.I.D.L.I.) that boasts 8 inches of ground clearance! I hopped on this thing and immediately noticed the soft travel when I rode directly off of a curb. I barely felt the drop! I have ridden many electric scooters, but Go-Ped seems to have it dialed in. The 1000 watt motor has two modes for range or power, so if you want to tear around at top speed you can switch the selector to “turbo”, or you can cruise for distance by switching the selector to “econo” mode. I prefer “turbo” mode and I pushed the limits of this scooter on the first day I rode it.............

The Go-Ped I-ped electric scooter amazed me, as I thought the last scooter I received, and reviewed from them was the “best scooter ever”. The Go-Ped I-Ped is a lithium Ion powered commuter scooter that folds down into a compact briefcase-like package for storing under seats on the bus, train, or even your desk at work. This small, but very powerful scooter accompanied me throughout the week due to its portability. I first received the scooter and after a brief assembly, (handlebars lock into place) and charge time of 2 ½ hours, I was cruising at 18 miles per hour to the train station. This scooter does what it was designed to do. I boarded the Metro and proceeded to fold down the scooter and slide it under my seat. I love the portability of this scooter and I now realize the true benefits of the Lithium Ion batteries. This scooter weighs 35 pounds, and charges in 2 ½ hours….WOW! Go-Ped got this one right, and.................



The Go-Ped ESR750EX is the first high end scooter that I have ridden and the price difference between high end, and middle grade Chinese scooters is worth every penny. The ESR750EX is a "less is more" kind of scooter, like no lights, blinkers, or horn, but those are all available at you local bike shop. For safe night time riding, I would strongly recommend a front and rear light. The power of this scooter is greater than any other electric scooter I have ridden to this day...



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