Go-Ped Electric Scooters
The Go-Ped ESR750EX is the first step to owning a high-quality electric scooter that will be with your family for many years. Go-ped has taken every step of production to the highest level of quality, and perfection. Chinese scooters tend to be cheap, angle iron framed, welded, and spray painted black so you can't see it, but Go-ped mandrel bends their 4130 chromoly seamless tubing, and finish it off with a bright coat of thick and durable powder coating in your choice of different colors. The only thing that you will ever need to replace is the tires, chain, and sprockets, and these parts will take years to wear out. The batteries will product 300 charge cycles, so once they are used up, the batteries would need to be replaced also, but these usually last for years as well.

The X-treme X-10 mini electric scooter is the perfect scooter for your child's first electric scooter. The X-10 mini electric scooter is a fun and safe start into the electric personal transport world, and the compact design makes the X-10 mini electric scooter easy to operate for even the smallest riders. Not too fast, but definitely good for

Go-Ped, aka: Patmont Motor Werks, has been producing the highest quality motorized scooters, since 1985. Steve Patamont started building the highest quality scooters available, from his garage in Pleasanton, California. Go-ped produces the nicest scooters that I have ever seen, and I have seen them all. Some of the innovative ideas that Go-ped has developed, revolutionized electric scooter transport, and they have even created a gas powered scooter called the go-ped pro-ped, propane powered, four-stroke, scooter that produces almost no emissions. Go-ped released the ESR750 electric scooter line in 2003, so that the environmentally conscious scooter patrons would have a green personal transportation option. The ESR line of electric scooters, then got another great advancement when Go-Ped developed the, extremely efficient, Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indispension system (C.I.D.L.I.) that would revolutionize ride comfort, and electric scooter off road capabilities....

The Go-ped ESR750EX is one of Go-ped's most popular electric scooters because of its capabilities, and its high quality fit and finish. Go-ped has taken the ESR750EX's successful platform and improved upon the already great capabilities. The first generation Go-ped ESR750EX comes standard equipped with Sealed Lead Acid batteries (S.L.A.), but the new ESR750EX Li is equipped with Lithium Ion batteries. Lithium Ion batteries are the newest technology for electric scooters and bikes, and these super light batteries weigh just a fraction of what S.L.A. batteries weigh. The smaller, lighter, and more powerful lithium ion batteries last three times longer than S.L.A. batteries, and they weigh less than half of the weight too....

Go-ped has taken the highest level of technology available, and applied it to their already advanced ESR750H model to make it the most High Perfomance electric scooter I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Go-Ped is the highest quality producer of Electric Scooters that I have found yet, and I thought that their ESR750H (hoverboard) was the highest the bar could be set for quality, durability, price, and ride, but I was wrong. Go-ped has added the super efficient, lightweight, and high-output of Lithium Ion Battery packs to their already awesome ESR750H, to make it the Go-Ped ESR750H-Li. The introduction of Lithium Ion batteries is super efficient compared to the conventionally used, Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries that have been used up to this point. Sealed lead acid batteries only last for about 200 charge cycles, require two or three batteries "in series", and one SLA battery is more than double the weight of the whole pack of 8 Lithium Ion Batteries. The weight saved throught the use of Li batteries transfers to the efficiency of the scooter and it's range.


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