Automobiles emit over 300 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year in the United States. These emissions contribute to a global warming trend that threatens our entire planet. When you buy an e scooter, you're doing your part to help end global warming and harmful emissions in the air.

Since e scooters run on batteries, they don't burn fossil fuels to propel the motor. Therefore, when you switch from a gas based form of transportation to electric you're helping reduce pollution in our atmosphere. Making the switch to an e scooter helps by decreasing the amount of harmful emissions in the air and by supporting an environmentally friendly industry that's in direct competition with the gas and oil industries. Many environmentally conscious people buy e scooters for these reasons alone.

E scooters are a fantastic alternative to the automobile for people who have a short commute to work or to the local metro station. E scooters are great for running local errands. E scooters are compact and portable, so you can take them into the office and store them under your desk or in the closet. People use e scooters for local transportation when traveling by car, bus, subway, train, RV, boat or plane.

Clearly, the more we use e scooters as a means of transportation the better off our environment will be. E scooters represent a terrific alternative to other forms of transportation, save the environment, and provide their riders with many other benefits.